How To Keep a Crystal Clear Pool  

If you have been providing the entire neighborhood with a swimming pool, having large pool parties, or are in the midst of a heat wave, it is good practice to follow these steps to maintain a crystal clear pool: 

  1. Shock your pool with 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons of Super Shock-It after your guests have left. For salt pools, also hit the “Boost” option on the salt generator for 72 hours.  
  2. Once a month, bring a water sample into the retail store for a professional water test. This test will ensure that your water chemistry is still properly balanced. If your water is not balanced, the test will provide detailed directions as to what needs to be added to the water.  
  3. If your pool water is balanced, (pH, alkalinity, stabilizer – also known as cyanuric acid) nothing will need to be adjusted.  
  4. If you have already developed algae, add 2 lbs. per 10,000 gallons of Super Shock-It and 8 oz. per 8,000 gallons of EZ-Clor Mustard Algae Plus. For salt pools, you will also need to hit the “Boost” option on the salt generator for 72 hours.  
  5. Once the algae has cleared, you will need to adjust your water chemistry as directed by a professional water test.  

Helpful tips: 

  • If your water chemistry is not properly balanced, algae is prone to growing at a rapid rate. 
  • Swimming pool water turns cloudy when the water chemistry is not properly balanced. 
  • Cloudy water can develop into an algae bloom. 
  • Even if your pool water is clear, it does not always mean that your pool is properly balanced. To ensure correct water chemistry, have your water professionally tested regularly. Improperly balanced water can sometimes cause skin/eye/ear irritation. 


For customers with salt generators: 

  • Algae can develop in salt pools if the stabilizer drops below 80 ppm. 
  • If the salt level drops below 2700 ppm, the salt generator will not be able to maintain a 1 to 3 ppm chlorine level. To help prevent algae growth, proper salt levels must be maintained. 
  • Running the “Boost” option on the salt generator will not kill algae on its own. It must be paired with Super Shock-It and EZ-Clor Mustard Algae Plus if an algae bloom occurs.