Swimming Pool & Spa Heat Pumps

AquaCal is the largest swimming pool heat pump manufacturer in the world and has been making top quality, highly innovative units since 1981. AquaCal sets the standard for heat pump technology, reliability, and performance. AquaCal’s factory service warranties assure you that we support our product. And we have a heat pump to suit every need and budget.

A heat pump uses nature’s ‘free heat’ from the air to heat your pool water. It applies the same principle used in refrigerators and air conditioners with technology adapted to pools and spas. A heat pump can even pull residual heat from cool air. Electricity is only needed to transfer the heat, not to create it! It is significantly less expensive than gas or electric heating. This makes a heat pump the most economical, safe and trouble-free way to heat your pool.



  • Thermolink Heat Exchanger
  • Key Pad Lock-Out
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Microprocessor Computer Controls with Digital Thermostat
  • Corrosion Proof Cabinet
  • Off-Set Plumbing





  • Optimum heat output in a small footprint
  • Large surface and corrosion resistant evaporator
  • Vinyl coated fan grill
  • Microprocessor controlled automatic defrost allows operation down to the mid to lower 40s
  • High performance titanium heat exchanger (patented ThermoLink heat exchanger in the T115 and T135 models)

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