Snyder Pools has the equipment to keep

your family safe all summer long!



Boost your peace of mind with a 24/7 safety and security system that saves lives.

  • The first Artificial Intelligence Smart Fence and safety ecosystem to provide faster distress detection and help save lives.
  • Once connected to the CamerEye camera, a live stream is created to the smart hub where our trusted AI algorithms continuously monitor and analyze for human activity in or around the pool 24/7, and watch for distress events.
  • CamerEye will detect a person in or around the pool using our sophisticated and highly trained and adaptive, deep learning artificial intelligent models. Once detected, an alert is sent to the user indicating human entry into the pool area.
  • When there is someone in distress our trusted AI algorithms, developed and fine-tuned using several years’ worth of real data, can detect this behavior and notify the user, and sound an alarm.
  • Users receive alerts/alarms on multiple platforms: on the smart hub, through the external siren, and on the app.




Baby-Loc Removable Fencing

when it comes to protecting your family BABY-LOC removable mesh pool fence is a convenient, cost effective additional layer of protection to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool. BABY-LOC is also the perfect choice for a raised deck or dock.

  • High-quality construction with superior poly-coated, open-weave mesh fabric.
  • Neutral black see-through mesh doesn’t obstruct your view, and blends beautifully with any decor.
  • High-quality black polyester bonded thread adds strength and stability.
  • Solid brass double-ended latches with stainless steel spring loaded trigger mechanism will never rust or corrode.
  • So easy to put up and take down, you’ll want to use it whenever you want an extra measure of protection for your young ones.
  • Premium quad reinforced aluminum poles. They are noncorrosive, rust-proof, and color matched to our black fabric.
  • Matching, neutral-colored caps fit snugly into the deck sleeves when fence is removed.
  • So durable it comes with a 5-year, pro-rated warranty.

Poolguard Pool Alarms 

POOLGUARD/PBM INDUSTRIES, INC. has been manufacturing pool alarms, door alarms, and gate alarms since 1982. All Poolguard products are proudly Made in the USA. Poolguard Pool Alarms were tested and “Top Rated” by Good Housekeeping Magazine. Poolguard Pool Alarms have been Tested and Certified by NSF International to the ASTM Standard Safety Specification for Residential Pool Alarms, ASTM F 2208-08.

Inground Pool Alarm 

  • The Poolguard POOL ALARM, once installed in the pool, cannot be de-activated; it is always in the alarm ready mode.
  • Tamper Proof: Poolguard POOL ALARM will sound an alarm when removed from the pool.
  • Sleep mode: when you would like to use your pool, simply remove the alarm from the pool and put it into sleep mode.
  • Automatic Wake-up: The Poolguard Pool Alarm will automatically wake up and run a system test when installed into the pool.
  • The Poolguard Pool Alarm comes with an in-house remote receiver that has a range up to 200 ft., and comes with a 12 volt power supply.
  • The Poolguard poolside alarm works on a 9-volt battery (not included); with a battery life of approximately one year.
  • Audible low battery indicator at the poolside alarm is also indicated by the in house remote receiver.
  • New sensing technology provides less chance of false alarms due to wind, rain or small objects such as sticks or toys entering the water.
  • Poolguard Pool Alarms have been tested and comply to the ASTM Standard Specification for Pool Alarms ASTM F2208, in a 16’ x 32’ pool. Poolguard Alarms can be used in pools up to 20’ x 40’ or 800 square feet.
  • The Poolguard Pool Alarm can be used with a solar blanket.
  • Most reliable, advanced, and affordable alarm available.
  • Poolguard PGRM-2 is designed to detect intrusions similar to a one year old child.

Poolguard Safety Buoy Above Ground Alarm 

POOLGUARD “SAFETY BUOY” ABOVE GROUND POOL ALARM, MODEL PGRM-SB is designed to be used in any Above Ground Poolincluding quick set, soft sided and portable above ground pools, as well as spas. Poolguard’s “Safety Buoy” alarm is the only floating alarm NSF Certified to the ASTM F2208 Pool Alarm Standard. The “Safety Buoy” floats on the water and uses Sub Surface Detection Technology. The “Safety Buoy” comes with an In House Remote Receiver (200ft. Range), has a 1 year warranty, and is Made in the USA!



Poolguard Gate Alarm 

• Approved For Outdoor Use
• Important Safety Feature
• Monitors Gate Continuously
• Simple To Operate
• Automatic Reset
• Battery Powered
• Easy To Install
• Affordable Price
• Pass Through Feature For Adults
• Meets UL 2017
• Low Battery Indicator

Poolguard Door Alarm 

•UL Listed to UL 2017
• Important Safety Feature
• Complies With Building Codes
• Simple To Operate
• Automatic Reset
• Battery Powered
• Easy To Install
• 85 dB Horn At 10 Feet
• Pass Through Feature For Adults
• Low Battery Indicator