Top Christmas Gifts for Pool Owners

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Products

We have selected the Top Christmas Gift that need to be under your Christmas Tree this year!

Autopilot Chlorine Salt Generator–  Who doesn’t love a maintenance free pool? Made for both Inground and Aboveground Pools this salt generator will automatically notify you if salt needs to be added, will adjust the chlorine output into your pool to ensure a crystal clear pool all summer long, and can be used with any type of filtration system! These units are now on sale at our retail store so make the dreams of your pool lover a reality!


AquaCal Heat Pump– Extending your Summer hasn’t sounded so great right now! AquaCal is the most eco-friendly heater in the industry, it utilizing nature’s “free heat” from the air to heat your pool water. Electricity is only used to transfer heat not create it. The titanium heat exchanger is impervious to chemical corrosion and is backed by a  lifetime warranty. Now is the time to buy with free installation and $100 off! Heatwave-500px


Inter Fab Slide– Adding fun in your backyard getaway for the entire family! Inter Fab has many pool slide options for your swimming pool. Slides come in many design shapes, colors and height options. Slides can be as tall as 84″or as short as 37″. slide

Dunn- Rite Basketball Hoop and Volleyball Net– Playing your favorite sports in the water just became so much more fun thanks to Dunn-Rite! Having the options of a deck mounted unit or one that stands alone is perfect for any type of pool and especially yours! Have one under your Christmas Tree this year! deck_shoot

Aqua Cloud or Seaside Rider– These floats are so comfortable and do not retain or absorb any water. They come in many colors and are now on sale for $10 off. floats

Main Access– Illuminate your Life with a waterproof , Float-able, virtually indestructible LED Light! These lights have a remote control to change the light color and illuminating setting. Add some color to your backyard getaway with so many design options. header_light_0

Gift Certificates of any amount! Purchase a gift certificate of $25 or more and we will add an extra $5!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday from the Snyder Pools Family!