When you start to planning your backyard oasis you will ask yourself :

  • What type of pool will fit your needs?
    • Above Ground
    • Inground
    • Semi-Inground
    • Fiberglass
    • Plunge Pool 
  • What size pool will fit your backyard?
  • What shape pool fits your style?
  • What accessories fit your lifestyle?
    • Diving Board, Slides, Water Features, Spill-over Spas, Splash Pad, Sunledge, Custom Steps, Benches, Handrails, Salt Chlorine Generators, Heaters and Pool Games.

Wondering how you can benefit from installing a swimming pool in your backyard:

  • Your pool will bring the family together, providing a place to entertain, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Being able to stay at home with your children or grandchildren.  It is a lot safer to have your children in your backyard.  Also not having to pack up for a day at the beach or public pool.
  • A pool provides a fantastic way to stay in shape.  Working out in the privacy of your backyard and burning up to 300 calories in thirty minutes is an added bonus!
  • Owning a pool adds great value to your home.
  • Family Time is priceless!

Snyder Pools can turn your dream into reality. Cutting-edge technology allows us to custom build your pool to match your design needs. Whatever you envision, Snyder Pools can make it happen.

Get inspired at our beautifully designed showroom!  While their experience first-hand, our outstanding craftsmanship, quality products and accessories. 

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